Peter Possenti

With over 15 years experience in commercial photography and photo retouching working for some of New York's most prestigious photo studios, high-end retouch shops, pre-press houses, magazines, and ad agencies - I can provide a rare combination of unsurpassed skill, an artistic eye, professional service and personalized attention.

In addition to color correction and retouching, I am also extremely proficient in composite work, having developed a critical eye from my training as a photographer. Lighting, edges, sharpness, shading, and all the other aspects that affect a believable composite are the things I can focus on to create the perfect shot.

I began my career in photography shooting commercial work both in studio and location. This was back in the days of having to deliver a perfect chrome with no thoughts of what could be fixed in retouch. Attention to detail was a necessity for survival, nothing could be fixed without a lot of added cost. I began to develop a portfolio of special effects and composite work as I found this a very challenging area, especially having to do it in camera or the darkroom.

My interest in computer imaging came about as an extension of doing special effects and composite work. The computer was the perfect tool to facilitate that kind of work.  I spent the next 5-7 years working at photo studios retouching on Barco systems and learning to make seamless composites of photos that didn’t always match.

I moved to New York to pursue high end digital work and became involved in the fashion world.  I worked on the Versace catalog, the Pirelli calendar, and many other high end jobs for clients such as Revlon, Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Coach, and many others.  I also got to work on images from such greats as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Patrick Demarchelier.

I also worked in publication working for Time, People, and Rolling Stone where I was lucky enough to work with Fred Woodward and Mark Seliger.  I also spent 10 years working at Harris Publications, a smaller publishing house, on several lifestyle and consumer magazines.  They hired me specifically for experience with highend fashion and beauty retouching for the company’s men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine.

My current job is retouch manager at Ralph Lauren. My job duties include

I know the ins and outs of digital production, I’ve worked in many different situations and workflows and can adapt to whatever I need to. My strengths are in skin work and compositing images, and I also have a good eye for detail, and an ability to problem solve any challenge.  I have also worked on very color critical jobs and have a good eye for color.